On The Road Again!

I should be sleeping now. No way.
Just searching for the right music.
Can't go without it.

An endless night, before I stop the fight.
(for a few days, anyway).

Soundtrack: On The Road Again - Canned Heat


Keeping a distance, ignoring the entrance.

Go on with the crime, kill me rhyme by rhyme.
Crossroads and choices, demons and voices.
What shall I do? Where shall I go?
I am not alone, I wish I was a clone!
Your innermost presence is my body of evidence.
Tightly bound, feelings and dreams to compound.
Much more in common, a nightmare to summon.

Is it really me speaking?
Or just my soul aching?

Soundtrack: Something I Can Never Have - Nine Inch Nails



Tearing life out of me, burying me alive under your own mistakes, anxious, unconsciously wicked, completely out of control.
Clubbed to death, I wish I could run and be blown away with my worst thoughts.
I wish I'd never came down to earth. I wish you to disappear and fade.
A punch in the wall, my hand's aching.
The taste of hate smells like fear of myself.

Why? Why have I done this to me?
Trying to lead a normal life has been my fault. I am not as all the others.
With you around me, everything will fail and crash down to the ground.
Black spots of mistrust are subtly invading my dreams, spreading like a cancer.

The final escape I'm working at is taking too long.
Energy lacks and nerves are fucked up.
Two weeks are not enough. But the decision is made.
Getting back will be the worst part. I know what to expect.
But this time I don't know if I...

Soundtrack: Clubbed To Death - Rob Dougan

Voice : Yuki AKA Prisma TBFKA MusEum

Thanks to my Demon for the inspiration.


Silent, your voice,
freedom or choice.

Numbers and figures

caresses and tortures.

Floating in my stomach
like spots of Rorschach.

Soundtrack: Forbidden Colours - David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto

To Whom It May Concern

Blue lights. Across my skin.
A touch of thought.
Eyes that can see through darkness.
Happiness can't be bought.

My way to keep strong.
A lifeline among
people and souls.
Lonely fishes in their bowls.

With only one wish...

May we all step out of our innermost cage
and go with the flow, without fears.

No more rage.
Just a smile, through my tears...

Soundtrack: Adagio (Shadows) - New Trolls

Ghosts And Fireworks


A punch in my stomach.

This is my life. Not yours.
Why should you bother?

Ghosts and fireworks. Making love in the night.
Without me.
Without you.

Swear. I tell you.

Too late.
I'm all fucked up.

Soundtrack: Club Foot - Kasabian


No words. Anymore.
Just life, flowing through our veins!

Fading away, in this long lasting dream, dissolving for good.
Unaware of your feelings, you just keep silent.
Watching clouds dance in the wind of your hopeless hopes.
Missing the end of it all, asking yourself why.

No matter what you do, it's in your nature.
Everlasting electrifying feelings search through your body and leave you breatheless.
At night, you find your way through me. I can't help it, you've always been stronger.

I'll love you as well, sweet, dark demon of mine.
When the moon shines I'll embrace you and let you reign o'er me.
But when day breaks, I'll start the fight!

Won't give up, for this lust of life I own.
Just a whisper through my ears: Love me, and I'll be gone!

Soundtrack: Turn To Stone - Electric Light Orchestra

The Little Me

A kind of wonder, why is that?
Watching the sea, staring at the seagulls dancing the whole day long.
Just can't find a reason to risk what I have for the unknown.
Start thinking some people always want what they just can imagine.
Once they reach out to get it, they scarily want to rewind and get back to what they've left behind.

Individuals are bloody freaky, sometimes. May this be the reason for this social scare some of us carry upon our shoulders, since our infancy?
Everyone has fears. Some dress them up with a huge sense of humour, some with beer, some with cool clothes and behaviour, some with cigarettes and marijhuana.
Some just hide. Like me. I just dress my fears, undressing myself.
May sound real stupid. But, oh, so real!

I know I could do better than this. But I don't know if I really want to change.
I always keep thinking that who really loves me, should also love my fears.
Fighting as a tiger during my daily life to get myself a living, I shake and tremble like a child in the night, after a scary nightmare.
If you meet me, by accident, you won't see the child. Not if you look at me like you would look at any other person.
But if you stay a little longer and tend to be so smart to find the right key to open the secret door, you will see him.
The little me. Hiding in my pocket.

Soundtrack: Je T'Emmène Au Vent - Louise Attaque