On The Road Again!

I should be sleeping now. No way.
Just searching for the right music.
Can't go without it.

An endless night, before I stop the fight.
(for a few days, anyway).

Soundtrack: On The Road Again - Canned Heat

2 answers:

Mio said...

It was raining since six o'clock, when I finished your post, just a few minutes ago, all is over, the rain stops, I swear. I am sure that will be sunshine day, I hope that your stop will be light and untroubled... for many and many days!
See you,


Yuki said...

Yes, it really was... And as all good things, it's coming to an end. :-(
Wish you sunny shiny days, too, Mio. I found a lot of rain, but the sun shined inside me, most of the time. And, as we both know, that is the only thing that counts.