Keeping a distance, ignoring the entrance.

Go on with the crime, kill me rhyme by rhyme.
Crossroads and choices, demons and voices.
What shall I do? Where shall I go?
I am not alone, I wish I was a clone!
Your innermost presence is my body of evidence.
Tightly bound, feelings and dreams to compound.
Much more in common, a nightmare to summon.

Is it really me speaking?
Or just my soul aching?

Soundtrack: Something I Can Never Have - Nine Inch Nails

2 answers:

Mio said...

There are differences? All come from you, inside, from your deep.
I am the wrongest person to tell this, I am the last in the least to suggest you something but I think ever the same: You can ever have!
Have a nice (twice :) ) Sunday Museum!


PS: I hope that I don't forget any other post. I will be a crime for me. All are beautiful, deep, shiny and beat the rhythm in my thoughts! Congratulations!!!

Yuki said...

Too kind! I hope so.

Thank you for being such a careful reader. It really moves me! :)