Carry On

Your shoulders are aching.

Go ahead. Don't look back.

Shake your head, let your hair flow.
Feel the beat pumping.

Feel it growing, from your feet to your head.
Your stomach is beating, too.

Your neurons are pulsing and your fingers playing.

I've made a mistake. A terrible mistake.
Should have never told you about my past.
I don't even know you.

Two faces. But I like your smile.
Who are you?
Why me?

The city lights are stunning.
My loneliness has grown bigger.
But I've found my piece of paradise.
True friends I can trust.
No fear for disgust.

This night I'm gonna dance with my demon.
The moon is walking on the sea.
I wish I had my bikini with me.

Your name is written on a wall. In black.

A mysterious force, your touch of thought.
Illusion or reality?

Tonight. A cuba libre in my hand and freedom in my feet.

Express yourself through your body a
nd touch the sky, baby.

You can make it!

Soundtrack: Heavyweight - Infected Mushroom

A Damn Thing

Some say that the best ones always get as much as they give. If this is true, I guess I'm not giving a damn thing.

Some people, instead, give too much. As they need too much.
But this won't do. They won't get more because of their altruistic behaviour. In fact, I believe exactly the opposite.
Thanks to their instinct, most people can feel that you lack something in your life and that's why they'll stay right away from you. It's as if you are asking them too much. Even unwillingly.
Or, and that's the bad news, they'll take all that they can from you. Then they'll leave you down and in the end you'll feel a great void.

No, it's not that pessimistic. Just a slice.

But hey, honey, if no one's looking for you and you're more alone than with other people, start asking yourself why. Don't always just complain about others not being as sensitive as you. Maybe you're not such a pleasurable company. Too bad.

Soundtrack: Take A Walk To The Wild Side - Lou Reed


Too much.
It's just too much for me.


All this crap. I am not like this.

Wish I could disappear, like some fake, realistic spots of dreams fading from my eyes in the morning.
I am not a robot.
I'm just letting myself go.

Reluctant weakness.
Darkness as a mistress.

Oh, fuck!

Soundtrack: Kasabian - Underdog

The Crying Game

Tirer la ligne. Remarquer les changements. Disparaitre.

Driving in your car, I never never want to go home 'cause I haven't got one anymore. And if a double-decker bus crashes into us, to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die...

Soundtrack: There Is A Light That Never Goes Out - The Smiths