Too much.
It's just too much for me.


All this crap. I am not like this.

Wish I could disappear, like some fake, realistic spots of dreams fading from my eyes in the morning.
I am not a robot.
I'm just letting myself go.

Reluctant weakness.
Darkness as a mistress.

Oh, fuck!

Soundtrack: Kasabian - Underdog

3 answers:

Mio said...

In a world of fakes the only thing that someone could do is SHINING.

The darkness will never a mistress, she is too much envy to the pale stars that I could just embrace.
Anyone say: "Look at the stars...", none "Look at the darkness..."

Sometimes have a little rest if your shining is too heavy, but SHINE Prisma because you're a colorful star!

Have a nice evening,


Squilibrato said...

Pensavo che i Kasabian non li conoscesse nessun'altro...

Yuki said...

@Mio: you are too kind, really! I don't believe I deserve it... But I appreciate very much your words. They always cheer me up, somehow! :)

@Squilibrato: benvenuto anche di qua! ;) Bè, non conosco la loro intera discografia, ma i loro pezzi mi piacciono assai...