Stop shaking!

Just saw you standin' on that dusty road, fighting against your demons.
No words could give you any relief, no funny stories would distract you from your own miserable thoughts.

Where shall we go, now? Which direction will be the best for us to take?
Cryin' to the wind, won't do.

Stop shaking, now.
Breathe it in and breathe it out.

You know you can always cry, your head upon my shoulder.
We're walkin' together, since our souls first came down to earth.
We will always do. No matter how far.

Soundtrack: Toi Et Moi -
Click here for their stunning videoclip!

Killing Moon...

Longin' for your loving embrace, so tender, so sweet, so delicate as it may be. A pen's my weapon, killing you softly. Sorry, I didn't mean to.
It's unbelievable. A mysterious force is driving my hand without control. Maybe I am just dying.
Desperate as it may seem, I'd run to your open arms just to let you kiss the pain away from this stupid head of mine. God only knows how I'd love you! My brother, my sister, my best friend, my soul mate.
Human limits are so stupid sometimes. Torn apart, like lonely leaves fallen off an ancient family tree, divided we stand awaiting for a new era to come and rescue us all.

Soundtrack: The Killing Moon - Nouvelle Vague

Memory Excess


So many times, in my life I've felt myself like I was just lurking other people's lives from a keyhole. Like an intruder, ain't that sick?
Uninvited, craving to share just a little slice of that joyful cake of euphoria and adventure, recklessness and freedom of speech.
No, don't do this to me, crazy brain of mine! Don't leave me down again, don't make me think I'm not worth it!
I long for your loving embrace, oh life, oh heaven on earth, like the rush of blood that runs from my feet to my head.

I miss the feeling of upcoming chance to meet you, somewhere, in this crowded city.
I miss the butterflies in my stomach, any time the tought of you thinking about me reached my stream of consciousness in my daily life.
I miss the words blown out from your head to reach mine, such a sweet illusion!

The club of artists we never reached is a thing of the past. Just wondering why we never spoke about it before.
Never thought of you like that. Until the day he said you liked blondes. Until the very moment you showed your interest in what I was saying. How strange.
Until the time you looked at me through a lens, shy director of a never seen movie.

I can still remember that party. I was dancing the whole night through with him, my guardian angel, my first and only love.
I was joyful and shiny and dancing my whole pain out of my body. I was wearing my best smiles, while the music reached down to my intimate feelings and brought them out to your attention.
I never saw you that night, but I am sure I felt your eyes upon me.

Many days after that night, another party was held. I didn't show up. Maybe that door was ment to never be opened.
We never had a chance to let our talents dance together.

Reality? Immagination? Everything mixes up like bloody hell in my head.
We sometimes all suffer from memory lack.
That's not my case. I'd rather say I suffer from memory excess.

Soundtrack: False Alarms - Clay & Electronic Cowboys

Voice : Yuki AKA Prisma TBFKA MusEum

Thanks to Paul Abbott for the inspiration.



Rel-aaax! Just relax.

Take a deep breath.

Ok, now.

I know you’re feeling that prick pain in your stomach.

You’re doing it again.


You’re punishing yourself.

Punish, what? No.

Oh, sure.

Au! My belly!

Here we go again! Your nerves are crying!

Stop cheating me, I’m not nervous. I’m just trying to finish this stupid work in time.

Yeah. And let me guess: you desperately want it to be perfect!

Well, I...

Ha! Caught in the act!

Oh, shit.

Why do you always stress yourself like that? Being perfect! Is that really worth it?

I have to be perfect. If I wasn’t, I shouldn’t probably even be here.

Sure, you would. Nobody’s perfect. Why should you be?

Stop playing professor I-Know-Everything-Better-Than-You! You’re unbearable.

Oh, please, go on. I know you think I suck. I do my best, too, you know?

Holy shit! Am I really talking to a fucking mirror?

You could bet on it!

Oh, my God!

And, just in case you were wondering... Yeah, you’re definitely NUTS!

Oh, fuck off!

Soundtrack: Beggars And Villains - Killerchaps

Dialogue and Voice: Yuki AKA Prisma TBFKA MusEum