Rel-aaax! Just relax.

Take a deep breath.

Ok, now.

I know you’re feeling that prick pain in your stomach.

You’re doing it again.


You’re punishing yourself.

Punish, what? No.

Oh, sure.

Au! My belly!

Here we go again! Your nerves are crying!

Stop cheating me, I’m not nervous. I’m just trying to finish this stupid work in time.

Yeah. And let me guess: you desperately want it to be perfect!

Well, I...

Ha! Caught in the act!

Oh, shit.

Why do you always stress yourself like that? Being perfect! Is that really worth it?

I have to be perfect. If I wasn’t, I shouldn’t probably even be here.

Sure, you would. Nobody’s perfect. Why should you be?

Stop playing professor I-Know-Everything-Better-Than-You! You’re unbearable.

Oh, please, go on. I know you think I suck. I do my best, too, you know?

Holy shit! Am I really talking to a fucking mirror?

You could bet on it!

Oh, my God!

And, just in case you were wondering... Yeah, you’re definitely NUTS!

Oh, fuck off!

Soundtrack: Beggars And Villains - Killerchaps

Dialogue and Voice: Yuki AKA Prisma TBFKA MusEum

1 answers:

Mio said...

Well done Yuki! Sometimes some professor have to stop to talking about something that couldn't understand.
Have a nice week!


PS: this Killerchaps have a good sound