Just Promise


- Open up yourself to the world, stop hiding all the time!

- I dont’ hide, why should I?

- Oh, yes, you’re hiding yourself. Even now!

- Bullshit! Crap...

- Why can’t we just be friends, as all the people on earth?

- I am not all the people.

- Why does talking to you always end like non-sense?

- I really don’t understand you. You’re wasting your time.

- Oh, really?

- Really. No doubt.

- ...

- ...

- ...

- You just promise...

- What?

- Promise me you’ll never fall in love with me, ok?

- Ok...

- Friends...

- Friends.

- Just friends.

- Sure.

- Ok.

- Just give me your hand, will ya?

- Why?

- Can’t you stop making questions all the time and just let yourself fucking go?

- No. We can’t be friends, anymore. I can’t stand arguing about nothing.

- So, you think I am nothing?

- I think you’re not worth it.

- Really?!? Oh, thanks a lot!

- No, not really.

- Umpfh.

- Just a little bit.

- ...

- Do you still want to be friends?

- Jeez!

- Just answer!

- Yeah. Sure.

- Ok. I’m gonna give you my hand. Handle it with care...

- You, crazy girl!

Soundtrack: Jesus, Etc. - Wilco

Dialogue and Voice: Prisma TBFKA MusEum

3 answers:

Radio Pazza said...


Keep on sister, you're doing great.
Your english is excellent, mecojons!



Mio said...

Simply unbelievable, simply the best just like Museum.
Have a nice week!
See you,


PS: Wonderful English! Could I link you?

Prisma "TBFKA MusEum" said...

@Bak: Thanx, bro! Yeah, I'm really NUTS! I should have chosen NUTS as my own nickname!!! :D

@Mio: Thanx! You're too kind! Sure you can link me. You HAVE TO! :D What are you waiting for? LOL

A nice week to both of you!