Soul Voyagers

Feeling lonely in a windy day, searching for treasure in my own deep world, I'm scared to lose my way.
As we stand in front of each other, there's no me, there's no you, just part of the two.
Cannot bear the heaviness of distance, when I'd just wish to find myself in a soul mate's glance.
Can't find a reason for this painful void that sometimes shakes me all of a sudden, just wonder if it's you or not, ringing in the invisible heaven with the power of your thought just to wake me up.
Life's full of mystery and God only knows how I'd wish to run, a handful of joy, in this infinite meadow, giving my hand to your shadow.

Eye against eye we lie, like soul voyagers do,
knowing that bodies are just pale reflections
of our innermost being.

Missing you like hell, I hope our love will only grow stronger.
One day, I know, I'll rest, my head upon your shoulder...


Soundtrack: Once Upon A Long Ago - Paul McCartney