Pale Turns Red

The ways I think of you never cease to surprise me. The thought of you can tease me unexpectedly, but sometimes it's me who gives the start, following the "call". I love to feel you near, to walk side by side to your soul, to feel connected in a matter of invisible, yet inevitable, quantum particles who are just following their own inborn logic. I've seen the infinite abyss and I know you've seen it, too. 

At times I wonder what you would say about something, what is making your eyes sparkle, which views, which music, which words, which people are making you feel alive. Are you ever asking yourself the same? 

Today I lit up candles and let water dance with my desire. Gently, emotions turned into pale steam, steam then suddenly turned red, like my mind had been uncovered. How were you as a child? What scared you, what made you happy and feel loved? Did you try to be loved so hard, too? 

Did loneliness trace circles on your soul like music on a vynil? Could we have been friends as kids? Do you think the two of us would have matched and turned that loneliness into a source of shared discovery and treasure? 

How are you now as a grown adult? What does your body look like? Do you feel at ease when you look at yourself in the mirror? Or do you wish you were someone else, like I've been hoping for a long time, too? 

Can you see the Beauty within you? Or do you still wish to go away and quit? Can you hear me whisper... "Stay"? 

Anytime I put a record on, I can't help but see the both of us connect just like a plug with electricity. No matter how far we go, how distant we travel, there's a string so imperceptible that no one else can see, reminding us we are such stuff as dreams are made on. And I know, we shall not part.

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Soundtrack: Goodnight Songs