Stop shaking!

Just saw you standin' on that dusty road, fighting against your demons.
No words could give you any relief, no funny stories would distract you from your own miserable thoughts.

Where shall we go, now? Which direction will be the best for us to take?
Cryin' to the wind, won't do.

Stop shaking, now.
Breathe it in and breathe it out.

You know you can always cry, your head upon my shoulder.
We're walkin' together, since our souls first came down to earth.
We will always do. No matter how far.

Soundtrack: Toi Et Moi -
Click here for their stunning videoclip!

2 answers:

Mio said...

Breathe it in and breathe it out., sometimes I find myself take this deep breath, always people tell m: "Which is the problem?", my answer is always the same: I have got no problem, but the correct one it could be the Problem, just very few people understand it.
Maybe someone have just a mate in its life, the road no more than it.
See you Yuki,


Yuki said...

Many of us are forced to carry heavy weights upon our shoulders. It can sometimes be very hard to go on and try to run as all the others do. We don't only carry our body, that's why our flight is much more difficult to achieve.
But thinking that we are not alone, that other people are fighting every day just like we do, helps us and inside ourselves we know that there will always be a shoulder to lean on to.
This thought keeps me warm, at hard times...