The Little Me

A kind of wonder, why is that?
Watching the sea, staring at the seagulls dancing the whole day long.
Just can't find a reason to risk what I have for the unknown.
Start thinking some people always want what they just can imagine.
Once they reach out to get it, they scarily want to rewind and get back to what they've left behind.

Individuals are bloody freaky, sometimes. May this be the reason for this social scare some of us carry upon our shoulders, since our infancy?
Everyone has fears. Some dress them up with a huge sense of humour, some with beer, some with cool clothes and behaviour, some with cigarettes and marijhuana.
Some just hide. Like me. I just dress my fears, undressing myself.
May sound real stupid. But, oh, so real!

I know I could do better than this. But I don't know if I really want to change.
I always keep thinking that who really loves me, should also love my fears.
Fighting as a tiger during my daily life to get myself a living, I shake and tremble like a child in the night, after a scary nightmare.
If you meet me, by accident, you won't see the child. Not if you look at me like you would look at any other person.
But if you stay a little longer and tend to be so smart to find the right key to open the secret door, you will see him.
The little me. Hiding in my pocket.

Soundtrack: Je T'Emmène Au Vent - Louise Attaque

6 answers:

Radio Pazza said...

"Nothing is static, everything is dynamic ... everything is falling apart."

Do you remember who's this quote from? I'll give you a trace: Dust Brothers

Yuki said...

Nothing is static, everything is dynamic ... everything is falling apart.

Just like in this wonderful song!

I'll do my best to find out about the quote. ;)

Clelia said...

Every fears are part of us. Hide them is something that people do in order to protect themself. Looking and find a key for a secret door it is diffucult but not impossible. It isn't just a look but a glance through you. Someone that care about you know how to open your secret door.


Yuki said...

Only a few precious people are so deep and brave to dare open the secret door...
We just have to beware of the wicked ones, who just lurk inside our souls for their evil curiosity. They just wish to steal life from us, like vampires...

Mio said...

No, it's not stupid, maybe witless. The first step to fight with our fears is to embrace this way in life. Other ways keep away from the reality.
When we love someone, fortunately, we love whole aspect of person... like a diamonds: thousand and thousand of faces and edges like a shining prisma and sometimes like a sharp razor. I think that love meaning also accept some slash for a many and many breathtaking view.
See you... before ;)


W.V.: cruse... could be a pleasure one? YES could be!

Yuki said...

Oh, I'd really prefer accepting slashes rather than miss such breathtaking emotions!

A cruise? Wow! Sounds good. But not the trendy ones, promoted in tv ads. ;)