No words. Anymore.
Just life, flowing through our veins!

Fading away, in this long lasting dream, dissolving for good.
Unaware of your feelings, you just keep silent.
Watching clouds dance in the wind of your hopeless hopes.
Missing the end of it all, asking yourself why.

No matter what you do, it's in your nature.
Everlasting electrifying feelings search through your body and leave you breatheless.
At night, you find your way through me. I can't help it, you've always been stronger.

I'll love you as well, sweet, dark demon of mine.
When the moon shines I'll embrace you and let you reign o'er me.
But when day breaks, I'll start the fight!

Won't give up, for this lust of life I own.
Just a whisper through my ears: Love me, and I'll be gone!

Soundtrack: Turn To Stone - Electric Light Orchestra

4 answers:

Mio said...

Maybe you know the meaning of daemon, I have searched it some months ago. The myths talking about an supernatural beings between the mortals and the divinities. It could be good or malicious.
I think that just speak with them we could understand ourself, talk with our divinities that we called Dreams.
See you,


Yuki said...

Good and evil, they both live inside ourselves. I sometimes fight against my demon, but more often he wins me and I just let him speak through me.

Cecis ... funámbula said...

Bueno, sigo escribiendote en español, espero lo entiendas...este escrito tuyo me llego tan hondo, como si yo misma lo hubiera haber tenido tu talento, podria haberlo hecho...
Otro abrazo!!!

Yuki aka Prisma said...

Qué bonito lograr comunicar con almas del otra parte del mundo y poderse intercambiar las profundidades...
Tus palabras son verdaderamente preciosas para mi, muchas gracias!!!
Te abrazo yo también.