Carry On

Your shoulders are aching.

Go ahead. Don't look back.

Shake your head, let your hair flow.
Feel the beat pumping.

Feel it growing, from your feet to your head.
Your stomach is beating, too.

Your neurons are pulsing and your fingers playing.

I've made a mistake. A terrible mistake.
Should have never told you about my past.
I don't even know you.

Two faces. But I like your smile.
Who are you?
Why me?

The city lights are stunning.
My loneliness has grown bigger.
But I've found my piece of paradise.
True friends I can trust.
No fear for disgust.

This night I'm gonna dance with my demon.
The moon is walking on the sea.
I wish I had my bikini with me.

Your name is written on a wall. In black.

A mysterious force, your touch of thought.
Illusion or reality?

Tonight. A cuba libre in my hand and freedom in my feet.

Express yourself through your body a
nd touch the sky, baby.

You can make it!

Soundtrack: Heavyweight - Infected Mushroom

2 answers:

Mio said...

Do it ever and ever Yuki: Dance, Dance, Dance!!!
Surely the moon have envied someone at that night, with its pale ray have kissed more then a dancer.
Yuki, have a nice Sunday!


PS: however concern the "pulsed neuron": maybe you should be more careful with Cuba Libre :)

Yuki said...

LOL! That Cuba Libre really freed my feet in a way I didn't expect! (I didn't take it for that reason, though) :D