Silent, your voice,
freedom or choice.

Numbers and figures

caresses and tortures.

Floating in my stomach
like spots of Rorschach.

Soundtrack: Forbidden Colours - David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto

3 answers:

Radio Pazza said...

Sakamoto is the perfect soundtrack-maker for moments of inner pleasure ...


ps. Just for curiosity check out Nobukazu Takemura


Mio said...

To feel something inside, that talk without words, that speak to the soul it's a strange emotion. Sometimes is difficult to understand it, sometimes appear like inkblot with thousand and thousand meaning. Which is the correct one? I do not know.
Have a nice day Museum!


Yuki said...

@Bak: Takemura reminds me of Sakamoto, LOL. :D Very touching music, I agree.

@Mio: it can be difficult to give a name to our emotions. But we don't always have to. Sometimes we just need to let them flow, without control.