To Whom It May Concern

Blue lights. Across my skin.
A touch of thought.
Eyes that can see through darkness.
Happiness can't be bought.

My way to keep strong.
A lifeline among
people and souls.
Lonely fishes in their bowls.

With only one wish...

May we all step out of our innermost cage
and go with the flow, without fears.

No more rage.
Just a smile, through my tears...

Soundtrack: Adagio (Shadows) - New Trolls

2 answers:

Mio said...

"To whom it may concern", dear Yuki, for me smells of dreams, tens and tens letters has been headed with this "classical" form, very few has concerned someone.
I think that the people that have to interest on someone, at the end, find on the same lane, in the same ocean.
Your is an ocean, not a fish bowl ok?!?!
See you soon Yuki!


Yuki said...

Ok, ok! It's an ocean.
Let's say an ocean miniature in a fish bowl. ;P

By the way, your english is getting better and better. Go on like this!
It really was a surprise, this morning, finding all your comments.
Thanks a lot, man!