Tearing life out of me, burying me alive under your own mistakes, anxious, unconsciously wicked, completely out of control.
Clubbed to death, I wish I could run and be blown away with my worst thoughts.
I wish I'd never came down to earth. I wish you to disappear and fade.
A punch in the wall, my hand's aching.
The taste of hate smells like fear of myself.

Why? Why have I done this to me?
Trying to lead a normal life has been my fault. I am not as all the others.
With you around me, everything will fail and crash down to the ground.
Black spots of mistrust are subtly invading my dreams, spreading like a cancer.

The final escape I'm working at is taking too long.
Energy lacks and nerves are fucked up.
Two weeks are not enough. But the decision is made.
Getting back will be the worst part. I know what to expect.
But this time I don't know if I...

Soundtrack: Clubbed To Death - Rob Dougan

Voice : Yuki AKA Prisma TBFKA MusEum

Thanks to my Demon for the inspiration.

2 answers:

Mio said...

You are not like the others, this is true, but the society do not accept normal "unstandardized" people.
I don't know how you can play your game. I hope that you will find your way in this hard life!
Keep on to punch the air, be careful with walls. Surely the "bad guys" will keep away from you!

See you Yuki!


Yuki said...

How about the "bad woman"? Will I ever succeed in keeping myself alive? Poor walls, LOL! :D