Crash Boom Bang

While I was walking along the beach today, three simple words suddenly came up to my mind... Words I had forgotten, words I had held deep inside of me for a long time, completely unaware of them.
Crash, Boom, Bang.
What the hell means that? I couldn't easily remember at that very moment where these words were coming from. Only a few hours later I got it! It was a song I used to listen to, many years ago. I had completely erased it! It has been a real pleasure to rediscover it. I now only ask myself: why now? What kind of message hides behind this song?

2 answers:

Mio said...

Maybe the same emotional situations, same dreams, same fears, same hope. For me every time is this,there are times that I am looking for songs, other times the songs are looking for me.
See you,


PS: step by step I will read all posts. Understand all it isn't so easy for me. Very sorry for my terrible InglisC

Prisma "TBFKA MusEum" said...

Thank you for passing by... It's always a pleasure finding your comments.