Bottles Floating On The Edge

Just looking if there's someone out there. Just feeling strange, trying to fill a void vomiting words in another language. Just testing if the stream-of-consciousness also works in my not-mother-tongue.
Just beg your pardon if I make mistakes, you know, I'm not used to write in english. But I'll try.
Why am I doing it? Don't really know, but sometimes thoughts in english just come up to my mind and I simply let them flow. Never wrote them down before. Not a single word.
But, why not? Let's see what my stupid mind has to say to the world. Maybe something interesting, maybe not. Why should I bother? Just let my fucking bottles float on the edge... of life!

2 answers:

Mio said...

Someone write in (good) English someone else buy a book titled "About a boy". Maybe both, if I can, to explore the respective language limit and than get over it. Why not is the only answer, isn't it?
CU Museum,


Prisma "TBFKA MusEum" said...

So, you're becoming a real Hornby expert! I haven't read "About A Boy", yet. But I've seen the movie, it was great!

Yes, I really am exploring my language limits... Exciting, isn't it? ;)