Just a few words, before our last goodbye...
Never forget you're a great person.
Never forget how much you can give to the world.
Never forget that no one - really no one - never ever has the right to take away your smile and joyfulness. Not even you.
Never forget you can always stop, when it gets too much.
Never forget that who really loves you, will always respect your decisions, no matter how hard it will be to accept them.
Never forget that energy can be transformed. If something gives you pain, don't keep punching against the same wall but do your best to convert that energy into something positive and go on searching, respecting your soul.
Never forget I will always be here for you, anytime you will need a place to restore your broken wings and hide from the outside world.
Never forget how important you are.

May Music always heal you.
Take care.

Soundtrack: Sing Sang Sung - Air

3 answers:

Mio said...

When I was young I always climb over the wall, on the top the world was rather different. The world under my foot was a little bit small. After the fear and the effort seems not so big than before started.

Friends will never live us alone, in friendship nobody walk alone despite, sometimes, the path aren't the same.

See you Yuki, have a nice week!


PS: Air... about five years ago I try to listen I was not kidnapped, this evening I listen this song more o less twenty times... :D. Thanks!!!

Radio Pazza said...

I'm most probably wrong ... but I want to believe you dedicated this post to me ;-P

Thanks a lot


Yuki said...

@Mio: glad you liked the song! It really inspired me...

@Bak: did it heal you a little bit? Then it was for you! ;)