The mistery of Love.
And Life.
In the same beat.

What's underneath?

I can still feel the heat.

Can you feel me flowing in your veins?
And after all, what's the meaning that remains?

Just a refrain.

Won't give you no pain,
You're not living in vain.

I really can't complain!

You've blown away my shame,
the Love is still the same...

Soundtrack: Dj Krush - Duality

2 answers:

Mio said...

Sometimes the people that we love do not change, some other it is an inescapable fact. Love will be ever the same, the same warm motion underneath the skin inside the veins.

Have a light evening Yuki, despite the heavy day.


Yuki said...

Thank you, Mio... Sorry for the delay in my answer. I really appreciate your words, you always find the right ones.

Have a nice week, my friend!