Hold On

As an Angel watching over me while I'm far away, my Soul lifts high while my feet never leave the ground as I walk this earth in silent admiration, with inner devotion. Making love on higher levels, seagulls flying all over my head, the smell of the Adriatic sea reaching my skin, I cherish these very moments of tenderness like unexpected gifts from outer space. 

Thank you for being there when I needed you most. Delicacy, is your invisible hand holding mine, your transparent arm around my shoulder, your silent words to remind me: Girl, you just go out and get it! You were born to make it.

Guess what? I daydreamt of an old woman, resting her head upon an old man's shoulder, feeling completely safe and thinking: "Oh gosh, how come we missed all those years, it's such a waste?". But soon afterwards, another thought passed through her mind as she realized: "No, we needed all this time to finally get ready for this. Before, just wouldn't have been possible."

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Soundtrack: Morning Has Broken - Cat Stevens

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