Animals In Clouds & Flowers To Give

Two solitudes may become one,
in a moment in time.
I remember your childish eyes, your laughter, your embraces
I remember your little hand in mine,
us together, seeking animals in clouds,
sharing a sweet, innocent Love.

Time does never stop, like the distance
between all the words left unspoken,
all the questions never asked,
all the answers waiting to be given.
In your presence I feel better,
you once found a shoulder to lean on,
I found all the good in me reflected in your smile.

Now you're so different, although you're still the same.
Wonder what's been going on in your head,
when you daydream, when you're far from me,
when you think about your future in fear and uncertainty.
Wonder if you ever think of me, of those rare days of pearly splendour.

Remember the flower you once gave me,
all the moments you embraced me.
Wish you all the best and joy in life,
despite the great pain that like mine
is written in your DNA.

Sensitivity may always be your guide and not your limit.

Love you, soul mate...
Take care.


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Soundtrack: Give Up The Ghost - Radiohead

2 answers:

Cecis ... funámbula said...

Bueno, segui paseando por aqui...y me encontre con esto...tampoco se mucho ingles, por lo tanto, volvi a usar el translator...una maravilla!! me llego al alma!!!

Yuki aka Prisma said...

Muchas gracias, Cecis! Este post lo he dedicado con Amor Universal a una persona importante, para que el recuerdo de los preciosos momentos que hemos vivido juntos siempre me acompañe. Estoy muy contenta que también otros puedan emocionarse a través de mis palabras...