Swing Girl

Up and down
on the same old freaky rollercoaster
Silently watching the tides
come towards you
A step after another,
your trace in the sand
slowly disappears

Pull me, gently
as I sit on that lonely, abandoned swing
I'll let you caress my ears
in a softened sigh
as your music
lifts my soul high

Come with me
in my lonely walk,
take my hand
and look the monster
straight in the eye
'cause it's the only way
to survive...


Soundtrack: Apx - Fengshu

The track is part of the playlist of BAK TO THE FUTURE 2, a podcast of RADIO PAZZA, nominated for the EUROPEAN PODCAST AWARD.
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2 answers:

Mio said...

Swing Girl...
Ok it is possible, you could be.
YOU ARE a SWING GIRL because you have somthing in your pockets that sometime you forgot. So I have to remind you anytime??? Ok, will be aleays my pleasure:
YOU ARE a SWING GIRL because YOU HAVE the swing!
Which one? Wich swing? Somthing much greater than this:


and please, don't tell me that you don't play now. Anyone play in own life, unfortunately nobody tell us that the play sometimes isn't easy.

See you Yu'! :)


captcha: "Ingliz" do you thing that is referred to my INGLIZ :D:D:D:D:D

Yuki aka Prisma said...

Dear Friend, I hadn't seen the movie before, nor I knew the scene you've posted here for me...
But I have to tell you it really is a great gift for me in these hard times.
Friendship really softens my pain, in a way I didn't expect, even though, in my heart, I've always known its surprising power.

p.s. yeah, you still have to improve your english, but you always succeed at expressing yourself... so you're on the right path! Go on!!! :)