Lonely Flower

Boundaries. Extremes. Confusing.
Freedom for us all. Outside the game of chess.
Cannot stop the fall. It's useless.
I'll always keep computing.

Just a prey for the system. It sucks me whole.
Well, that's not my problem, I'm no such whore.

I won't be Time's prostitute.
Just another case for an old institute.

Rape a slice of joy,
use my mind.
For you it's such a toy!

Abuse of your power,
I beg you.
My dearest lonely flower.

Soundtrack: Waiting For The Night - Depeche Mode

2 answers:

Mio said...

This is the price for one flower among severals. This is the price for all the things that are the best.

See you,


PS: captcha: "dermal" ... yes, like something that burn the skin inside...

Yuki aka Prisma said...

You're right... Best things have to be deserved. They require hard fight and effort. It's really difficult to reach the mountain's peak and not anyone can make it...

Sometimes I get really tired, but deep down inside I know I have to survive...

Thanks for passing by!