Is The Soul Female?

Talented? Maybe. Someone said so.
Convinced? At all. That's the problem.
How can anyone believe you, if you yourself are the first who doubts about your own possibilities?

Spinning around, words and thoughts, without an aim. No more energy to fight for your right to express your Soul. She talks all the same. She owns you. Is the Soul female? Who cares... She's got the power. She makes you cry and lay in despair, everytime Music reaches your innermost parts. You just can't help it. You are a fucking freaking addicted. No matter how much work you have to do to get yourself a living, she will possess you, distract you and you'll finally catch a pen to let it all out. When you're finished, you'll be hating yourself for hearing all those stupid invisibile voices. For not being able to live for them. To just be a slave to the art you don't believe is really hiding inside you.

How I'd wish to be like her. Pure emotion. Converted in music and voice.
I'm only words. Without sound.
Like me.

Soundtrack: Invisible Girl - Cristina Donà

2 answers:

Radio Pazza said...

"Worlds are powerful, like water ..." this is what I read on the arches of this castle you built.
You are words, a voice, a friend indeed. You got sound and music to shape the time of your listeners, maybe it's just a little breakthrough but you made it ...
Don't betray the emotions you gave us forgetting them and letting sadness dictate the rules.
Thank you for this wonderful year of poetry.


Yuki aka Prisma said...

Thank you, Bro. Your words really move me...
You're right, Sadness should never dictate the rules. It's just that my "past broken dream" sometimes suddenly comes up to my mind again and punches me in the face... and I see that long, winding road again. Dream, interrupted.

Thank YOU for your precious presence! :)